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Tuesday, October 18, 2005

The Poor Had Their Fifteen Minutes of Fame

There seems to be a breather in the news cycle. It's been days since a senior administrative official has been subpoenaed or indicted, and it will be days more before the next big hurricane. This one's called Wwwwwilmmma! Don't be thinking global warming now, we're just in one of those cycles, ya know, it happens. Yeah, I remember Carla and Camille. I don't remember no Wilma!

On Point had an attempt at a discussion going today about poverty, introduced to be about whether the supposed increased awareness to poverty issues brought about by Hurricane Katrina is in fact ironic considering that social programs are to suffer the deepest cuts in the attempt to offset the costs of rebuilding. Quickly this mess turned into five or six talking heads talking trash, rambling on as one might expect those of such a carefully culled cross section to do.

"Quit cutting the programs and knock off the tax cuts for the rich," goes A.

"Tell them to quit having babies out of wedlock and get a job," goes B.

Very informative.

Everybody was right of course, but oh, so cold on the key reason why America is backsliding on the poverty front. It all does have to do with entitlement, and nannies, and coddling, as it turns out.

Never, nowhere in the history of the world have so many haves felt so entitled. I will make it as simple as it can be. Divide all the wealth in America into three parts. One third belongs to the top 1%. One-third belongs to the rest of the top10%, and the rest is ours.

The 1% is in charge, and has given itself a 10% tax break, purportedly so they can give us all better jobs and raises by someday investing their little windfalls in something other than factories in Brazil and China. The next 9% is very, very busy maintaining the favor of the 1%, not in the least by convincing the majority of us morons that we may be just like them some day if we just vote for them and do their dirty work.

2.5 million Uncle Scrooges feel absolutely entitled to one-third of everything while their mouthpieces woe the unaffordability of Medicare and Social Security. 25 million more suck up the next third and complain about the taxes on their 3,500 square foot barns that push up the heating bills of the poor, and the luxury tax on their BMW 745's that push up the transportation costs of the poor.

They want it all. They deserve it all. If you don't play along, they'll take their ball and go home.

Fine. Give them a one-way ticket outta here, and let them raise their next generation of spoiled brats in Buenos Aires.


At 10:53 AM, Blogger Bullock said...

I would agree that the top 1% and,to a degree, the next 9% re your numbers, have been living a fantasy for a long time. Their entitlement wants are totally out of touch with us other 90% and unfortunately, as long as they can hold onto their legacy bucks, nothing will change.
There are ways, difficult at best, to fix this pattern. McCain-Feingold election reform act was a start but not nearly enough. You take the $$$ out of the whole election/referendum/ballot proposition, etc. processes and you may start to see a modicum of reasonable debate on current policies. While you are at it, shooting lobbyists should be legalized.Or maybe tarred-and-feathered is better. eh?
But,this week, another middle class institution and entitlement organization, the United Auto Workers, the UAW, that bastion and bellwether of American manufacturing , was brought to its knees.You can go on & on about the woes of American manufacturing, but bottom line, they had to have done it to themselves.Year after year of above-average COLA wage increases. Seventeen days of holiday time plus vaction. A health care plan equal to an average small business executive's. Not bad for a fork lift driver or welder.Meanwhile, the Asian car companies have been eating their lunch, making better quality cars (check J.D.Edwards report)at higher retail, with better margins, at a lesser wage and benefit rate. And, they make most of their cars in the U.S., not in some third world backwater.
We, the solidly-entrenched middle class, have a tough road to fight these top 10 percenters.

But, we have to practice what we preach.


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