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Thursday, September 29, 2005

The Worm Has Turned

The eighteen wheeler that is the Republican machine is throwin' some big ol' chunks of rubber all over the highway these days, to the point where there are only 3 degrees of separation from the President to the Gambino crime family. That's right, three gangsters, one of whom once convicted along with Gene Gotti for heroin trafficking, were indicted today for conspiracy to murder the guy from whom top Bush/Cheney moneyman Jack Abramoff and his partner, Adam Kidan are accused of fraudulently buying a casino business in 2000.

Shortly before the murder Kidan wrote a check to one for $145,000 for "catering" and "consulting", though there never any food, and shortly after the murder he wrote another one for $95,000 for "surveillance services", of which I'm guessing there was at least a little.

About the alleged fraud. Well, it's seems that lenders involved in the deal were a little upset at learning that Abramoff and Kidan (allegedly) faked a 23 million dollar wire transfer that was supposed to represent their cash down payment. I hope our local Republican crooks are paying attention, here is truly someone to look up to.

There's much more with this guy, and there will be much to hear of him in the days to come. And then there's the Martha Stewart-like antics of Bill Frist, the Senate majority leader, and the indictment yesterday of Tom DeLay, the house majority leader. The hits keeps on coming, there's no rest for the weary as Washington reporters must be pulling their hair out.

More? How about this David Safavian character? After telling his GSA bosses that he had no dealings with the lobbyist, although he had been helping Abramoff to procure government land for a private high school he was involved in, Safavian got the OK to go on the now famous $100,000 St. Andrews, Scotland golf junket in 2002. Since then he has moved up to become the Government's top purchasing agent, at least until he got canned last Friday, right in the middle of handing out no-bid contracts like candy in the Katrina aftermath. Nice!

Oh, and today Judith Miller got tired of sitting in jail and agreed to testify in the investigation of just who in the administration decided to expose Valerie Plame as a CIA operative. It is widely believed that Cheney's secretary Scooter Libby is the source Miller has been protecting.

Like so many rats, conservatives are jumping off the USS Neo-Con. They claim the Administration's fiscal irresponsibility is no longer tenable, but the smoke these ultimate pragmatists sniff out is that the neo-con's insatiable greed has put their stronghold on the political majority in jeopardy. It's every man for himself and pols and money men will be seen to scramble as far as they can from what is rapidly becoming an historic disaster of a regime―illegitimate from beginning to awful end.

You can see it happening on Fox News, plaything of one of the biggest of these rats. Suddenly Colmes, for years the intentionally anemic foil of Sean Hannity, is getting more time, more guests, more last words.

It's coming.


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