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Monday, September 19, 2005

Love Won Out Conference on Homosexuality Comes to Birmingham

Focus on the Family will bring its international Love Won Out conference to Birmingham on September 17. Metropolitan Church of God will host the one-day event, designed to educate and equip attendees on the issues surrounding homosexuality and provide help for those struggling – and those whose loved ones struggle – with unwanted same-sex attractions.

At what point do wants become unwanted? Anyway, this is an example of what can do for you, assuming that you keep sending those dollars in so that they can go to feed the five young brats of a Glenn T. Stanton while he continues to ignore them while gallivanting around the country hawking his latest book on Christian family ideals. Instead of helping his no doubt besieged young wife get the little cherubs off to school, here he is on my radio at 7:00 am to tell us that kids are in trouble without the solid influence of a man in the house.

Study after study after study shows, he says, that children from a house with one man and one woman will become happier, more productive members of society. And who exactly is the control group for these studies? Who are the one man and one woman married households that do not have the enormous economic and legal advantages that accompany marriage that we can compare same sex couples to? Who are the hetero couples whose relationship cannot be celebrated in the church that can be rightly compared to homosexual couples? Could it be that the biggest problem facing same sex or single parents is that people like Glenn T. Stanton can't seem to stay out of their faces?

But lets put that aside for now, and argue the point in terms the Christian right can understand, or at least find familiar.

Stanton says the democratic thing would be for society to validate (and codify) the majority opinion that because children are better off living with Ozzie and Harriet―according to whatever―it shouldn't be that same sex people marry and/or raise children.

But wait a minute. Aren't these people the same who insist that the democratic element of American capitalism is not that all share equally, but that all have an opportunity to excel in the American Dream? It does not follow from this that the democratic outcome would be for same-sex or single parents to be denied the opportunity to raise children simply because certain of them are starting behind the eight ball. Is saying we should be in the practice of legislating out opportunity?

The awful truth is...that's exactly it, and only the beginning.

Over and over and over again, these people have democracy coming out both sides of their mouths.


At 1:56 PM, Blogger Bullock said...

A lot of issues at work with the fundamental and Christian right that are, paradoxically, at odds with one another.
A partial list of 'rights';
1)The right to bear as many children as possible; tax-advantaged all the way to age 18.Never mind that large families have little relevance or make economic sense in the 21st century. (own an 80 acre farm? maybe a sheep ranch?)But, it's there in the Bible, so go propagate.Oh, better get married, too.
2) Right to have child out of wedlock and not feel bad.Not sure how that notion evolved but, as long as you join a church, tithe a little and find a good Christian mate--all will be forgiven.
3)Right to stay home with the kids. Actually a sound idea, given the current mental neurosies of latchkey/babysat/afterschooled kids with 2 earner families. 21st Century capitalism again, as you know,young families have to have everything NOW!Buy, buy, buy or you will be underprivleged in a hurry.A little legislative, flex-time incentives for companies would help here.
4)Right to ban adoption of children by same sex parents.Having known some couples(hetero, in this case)who tried to adopt a child, the bureaucratic and emotional struggles are truly unbelievable.You would think that matching a gov.-supported abandoned/abused/unwanted child would be easy for a caring qualified couple.And you would be wrong, the process can take years.Some states just ban the adoption applications by gay couples, don't even try.Some (states) legislative change is sorely needed here.

There are issues to legislate and other issues best left to the individual with common secular sense.


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