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Monday, September 26, 2005

We All Do Our Part

The President:
Two other points I want to make is, one, we can all pitch in by using -- by being better conservers of energy. I mean, people just need to recognize that the storms have caused disruption and that if they're able to maybe not drive when they -- on a trip that's not essential, that would helpful. The federal government can help, and I've directed the federal agencies nationwide -- and here's some ways we can help. We can curtail nonessential travel. If it makes sense for the citizen out there to curtail nonessential travel, it darn sure makes sense for federal employees. We can encourage employees to carpool or use mass transit. And we can shift peak electricity use to off-peak hours. There's ways for the federal government to lead when it comes to conservation.
This gem is copied directly off the site, where such attention to detail is only matched by the boss's command of English. But that are not the point of -- well, it just makes sense that folks out there be -- oughta listen up to their President...

From ABC News:

Despite the ban on unnecessary trips, Bush announced he was flying back to the hurricane-affected region on Tuesday, traveling to Beaumont and Port Arthur, Texas, two of the harder-hit areas. He just concluded on Sunday a three-day hurricane trip, his sixth since Katrina hit a month ago, that took him to Colorado and two cities in Texas and Louisiana. During that trip, the president had no direct contact with areas or people affected by the storm, instead spending the entire weekend getting briefings on the storm from military and other federal officials.

That we may better "pitch in", the official White House web page directs us to a link called "", which is really a redirect to something that's called Partnerships for Home Energy, which has absolutely nothing to do with gasoline or travel. This is the best these people can do.

"Whatta we got on energy for the folks? We got anything on fuel conservation on the old www, boys? No? Anything like that?"

"We got sumpin' on new windows and energy efficient refrigerators. 'Bout it."

"Well, make it sound a little more, uh, to the point, and stick it in."

"You got it!"

Nowhere in that site are there hints about how to save fuel if one happens to command a 747, a couple of transports, several armored limos, and a few miscellaneous choppers. I guess he's off the hook.


At 10:48 PM, Blogger Bullock said...

This President should go down as the worst ever "...steward of the environment." as he called himself at one of his TV debates with Kerry.National parks are in trouble, federal BLM & national forest lands have no clear agenda or long range plan except to build roads for logging old-growth trees,more fossil fuel liquid and vapor exploration and allowing off-road SUV'ers, snowmobile'ers and the like to tear up some pristine turf. Eee-haw! Multi-use planning, they call it.Seat-of-the pants, lobbyist-driven, knee-jerk, political posturing is more like it.
Senator Delay is pushing a bill for improving our national interstate highway system. Good for the economy, he says. Yeah? How about national public transportation, like a reliable high speed rail system? Get those folks out of south Texas and Louisiana in a hurry.But, he is an oilman, born, raised and elected.
Conservation and oil do not mix. Never has, never will.

You can run a biodiesel train engine on corn oil, you know.


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