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Monday, October 10, 2005

Knowing I'm On the Street Where You Live

Made a return trip to Liberty Trails today. We had a little joke or two about these environs last year. After some careful investigating―sales types have to be a little careful about politics these days―I gleaned that my potential customer was a liberal.

So we had a few jokes but I left out the one about floating one's housing bubble on Hoover Trail. Upon leaving I headed down Hoover for Reagan Blvd., the mainstream drag. I noticed that a second phase was going in and out of curiosity and I turned right to check out the new street signs.

Well, you write this stuff for a while and there's little audience and less feedback and there's nobody to tell you you might not know it all. I headed down Reagan and there was a new street, Eisenhower (a loop). "Aha!" says I, "There's another over there."

As I approached I began to make out the "C" and thought, "Of course, Calvin Coolidge. Old Silent Cal. Robert Novak's second most favorite conservative President."

But, what's this? Do my eyes deceive? Holy crap, stuck right here between Eisenhower and Reagan it's Clinton Court!

Lincoln, Reagan, Hoover, Tyler, Eisenhower, Bush and then cloistered in middle of this sanctuary of Whiggishness is Satan hisself. I gotta think this through.

Either our builder did or did not intend a statement with this neighborhood. If he did then why the exception, especially with republic enemy one? Did he have a favorite aunt make him promise? Does the fact that this is the smallest street in the neighborhood mean anything? Did he need some Dem cash bad enough to tuck away five or six lots for them way in the back somewhere? Was he shamed into it? Why not Kennedy? It just doesn't seem possible that Bubba could find his way into a plan like this for any reason!

And so I'm thinking that maybe I should look outside and check the color of the moon because it just may be that I am...that I could be...well, wrong.

Pardon me while I get some oxygen back in my lungs.

If there was no conscious plan, then perhaps it was subconscious? Then why Tyler? Tyler was a real Whig but then he wasn't. In fact, the Whigs kicked him out while he was President. If he hadn't died he would have been in the Confederate States House of Representatives. This may well link him nicely with some of these others, but that is a way, way too abstractly drawn connection I'm thinking.

I have to admit, the most sensible explanation would be that it's all a big accident, perhaps somewhat corrected in phase two amidst what must be a great deal of comment.

And as I contemplate that photo above, I wonder with how much prejudice I might jump to conclusions.

But not who might have been responsible for that.


At 6:44 PM, Blogger Bullock said...

OK sequiot, you asked for it.
You do not know it all.
It is OK. No, do not back up or go in another direction.
Just take 3 deep breaths and erase the incident from memory.
Breathe, erase, breathe,erase,breathe.
All over the country there are uncreative, moronic realestate/development creatins staring at a diorama of a new tract wondering what to call it.Liberty Hills? Hey, we could street-name the presidents!What a concept.Perhaps a new dry cleaner will pop up just outside the tract called --Liberty Cleaners.
Marketing people are pragmatists, not socialists. If the CC&R's promise a "better life", nice, new environment(and the price is right), people will come.
But, come back 20 years from now and see if someone hasn't painted their house a different unapproved color or parked an RV permanently in the side yard.It'll happen.
There are no sublimal messages...
No worries, grasshopper.


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