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Monday, October 24, 2005

Have Yourselves a Merry Little Fitzmas

There's a place in the blogosphere I like to go to to be among friends, a site so well populated with like-minded souls that these sheer numbers seem to discourage all those ill-thinking right wingers and we are more or less left alone to hash out our own differences. This site is The Daily Kos. Sure it's a bit of a mutual admiration society, but don't we all need that from time to time?

Patrick Fitzgerald, the special prosecutor for the case of the outing of Valerie Plame as a CIA operative by administration officials, is said to be set to hand down indictments this week. The rumor mill that is Washington is buzzing and so are the Kossacks. WE/they have taken to calling it waiting for Fitzmas. It is tossed around that as many as 24 indictments could be handed down, which would put my best guess at eight or so. Those bemoaning this "witch hunt" next week are likely to include Karl Rove and Scooter Libby, the latter being Cheney's chief of staff. It could go higher, nobody knows as Fitzgerald has been very close to the vest with this investigation, not at all like the oafish Kenneth Starr.

And so the phrase "Fitzmas" is being used to describe the morning that all this will go down. Despite all that you've heard about liberals from Fox TV, there is precious little lock-step agreement at Kos, and not everyone agrees that the gleeful nature of this anticipation is a good thing, as so:

Whatever the charges or eventual results of this turn out to be, it's not a happy day in our country if people at the highest level of government are committing crimes. We shouldn't celebrate it. SnoodGuy

Well, if you consider a secular view of Christmas (and don't even tell me you haven't) it is rooted in Saturnalia, a ritual of the winter solstice that celebrates the cyclical nature of the sun, the beginning of the return to light. How dark has it been, this reign of the Christian Soldiers?

For me the clouds begin early in the morning, as I stop at 6:30 am to haul my bag around nine holes at the local layout. Right across the street is the home of a construction company that built the new clubhouse. Some of the management has changed however, as several have been indicted or await indictment for the embezzlement of three million or so, some of it used to run a Republican Party bound slush fund. Read more about this in Grass Root Politics, Republican Style, or Boss Mann, Another Biskupic, Their Aides and the Deficiencies of Immunity. The Bush appointed DA, Steven Biskupic, has given the alleged ringleader of this circus "limited" immunity in exchange for his cooperation in the investigation.

If that seems a little backwards, well, when you're on a mission from God you get to make your own rules. All across the country Republicans have been bending, twisting and breaking the laws of the land in order to seize the mantle of world domination, and any good domination begins at home. To the world they have said in our name, "We will punch you first before you are big enough to punch us. This is our God given right."

These things darken my day, this is not who I thought we were.

GHW Bush's thousand points of light have become W's thousand little dark clouds. Eventuality is nigh, riding an ancient chariot drawn by Greed and Powerlust.

When Nixon gave that last goofy pelvic-thrusted victory sign as he left the White House grounds for good, sure, it was a little sad to see such a spectacle. But it was a far happier day than the one before it.

Party on, into the light.


At 1:46 AM, Blogger JD said...

I have no shame. I am giddy with the prospect of Karl Rove standing in court. What can I say? I'm only human.

At 9:47 PM, Blogger Bullock said...

I'm with JD.(You've got that lawyer's blood lust.)When Rove goes down, I will toast to anyone who is around.
When I first heard of the 'leaks' and liberal fingers pointed to the Rove-man,I was furious. Furious because:first,Iam a patriot who sees his behavior as an outrageous crime and second,anyone who compromises our covert folks home and abroad,who bust their asses and risk their lives, to have somebody with loose talk to some nobody reporter ought to be tarred, toasted and finally tried.

May it be a speedy trial.


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