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Friday, December 03, 2004

Aeons of Asterisks

I hear some folks railing at the baseball players’ union about the steroid mess while others attack Bud Selig or Balco or agents. Some even blame a player or two. There can be no focus for this blame. I blame the following, equally:

  1. The named and unnamed players who would cheat this singularly American institution;
  2. Every entrepreneur who would sell an unhealthy product; every lawyer and politician who would protect such endeavor;
  3. Management and the sponsors who not only turn a blind eye, but shamelessly promote their products using the images of steroid enhanced physique;
  4. Every newspaper, every radio and TV station who has used the hype of these achievements to help their numbers while under-reporting the steady march to the grave of professional wrestlers;
  5. Every coach at every level who would allow the young to poison themselves; every booster, educator and townsman who would foster an environment that would lead the impressionable to desperate self-mutilation;
  6. Every man in a kayak on the Bay; everyone (including myself) ooing and aahing the freak show that was the home run derby in Milwaukee’s all star game;
  7. Every citizen, politician and celebrity who reveled in the McGuire/Sosa circus;
  8. Every fan who bought a jersey, hat or ticket to glorify this mess.

We all knew, every last one of us. This is not a time for outrage: this is about shame and a needed dose of self-examination by quite nearly everyone.


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