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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Gotta Be the Opium

From the New York Times/CBS poll:

55. How worried are you that popular culture -- that is, television, movies, and music —- is lowering the moral standards in this country -- very worried, somewhat worried, not too worried or not at all worried?


VerySomewhatNot tooNot at allDK/NA
40 301712 1

There's an old cartoon where Bugs and Yosemite Sam are out in the desert. Bugs (and I may have this backwards, it doesn't matter) keeps daring Yosemite Sam to step across this line and over and over again on off to the horizon. Such is the nature of censorship. It's a fool's game, played by whiny hypocrites on one side and adolescent schoolboys on the other.

Well, let me save you a lot of time, my fellow Americans. 95% of what you see is total crap. This is not an elitist notion, this is what is commonly referred to as common knowledge. This garbage, from the soaps to the Superbowl to the latest Nicholas Cage action movie is all engineered to appeal to the lowest common denominator, that being you! If you want your life to be anything but drearily common, stop believing in all this crap and start asking yourself where the stuff is you want, cuz it's out there.

So 40% of you are "very" worried that what is total garbage is what, 10% stinkier? Don't cut the cable, this will only create alienation. You want to really start protecting your children? Find out what makes them tick and feed it. Stop treating your kids like projects and start treating them like human beings for a change. Don't forbid them and don't just tell your kids it's crap; learn and then teach them why it is such and exactly why it's being fed to them. Set an example. Have a little taste. Be a little uncommon.


At 10:39 AM, Blogger JD said...

What do you mean? National Treasure is #1 at the box office! And I hear it's SUPER!


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