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Thursday, October 21, 2004

Grass Root Politics, Republican style

It seems that our local big-ass constuction dude, a Robert Mann, has allegedly conspired with a Robert Brownwell, a former CEO for a medium size home builder in the Milwaukee metro area, to do what they can to ensure that our government is the exemplar of good old middle class values.

Not to be discouraged by that no-good meddlesome government placing crippling regulations on plain folk, they have figured out a way to make contributions far beyond what the law allows.

I would guess that somewhere in the middle of a business related deductible $200.00 dinner or $180.00 round of golf Mr. Mann and Mr. Brownwell discovered that they were both Republicans. Mr. Mann no doubt considers himself a hero of the middle class and a small business man, however he did manage to do twenty million dollars of business with Belinski Homes (Mr. Brownwell's former employer) this year (so far). Apparently three million of this was a pad to create a slush fund.

Others would be encouraged to contribute a thou, and out of one of Mr. Mann's companies would a check appear to reinburse the donor.

The story states that only $70,000.00 has actually gone to campaigns at this point. The local paper didn't seem too fascinated with what happened to the other 2.93 mil, though I'm sure others at Belinski Homes are quite curious in the matter. Okay, well there were expenses or just maybe the election wasn't the primary motivation here.

Doesn't hurt to give the Gov. and Pres. a cut, perhaps that's how Mr. Mann is getting what is termed as "limited immunity" and Mr. Brownwell is obviously taking the hard fall for this little escapade.

I've written the President's, Governor's and Russ Darrow's (the man looking to unseat my hero, Russ Feingold, the only senator with the guts to vote against the Patriot Act) campaigns to see if they are going to exercise the good old American values held dear to them one and all and return the money. So far they seem to be too busy to respond.


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