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Friday, August 04, 2006

He's Never Done That Before

I don't know why, really, but this story put a big smile on my face today.

Depending on how much of this work of art you may have read to this point, you might know that I have a fairly unpopular opinion when it comes to pets. I wouldn't have one. This isn't to say that I don't like animals. We have a good mouser at the shop, and that's okay, but she gets really, really needy when I'm trying to work. She'll lie down on the paper on the desk if you ignore her, or stand in front of the monitor. Or stop in the middle of the room and start coughing up a hair ball while you're eating your lunch. Nice. Then there's the hair.

I could live with a cat if I had to, though I think a fish would be better. At any rate, nothing is as annoying as dogs. Oh sure. so many of them are as cute as all get out. Then they nuzzle up to your fresh, clean khakis and coat you in saliva. I don't want other creatures' spit on my skin and clothes, especially ones that can and do lick their private parts every time they get the itch.

And then there's all that barking. I'm an aural person. Noise pollution is worse to me than litter. To me, incessant dog barking is like a garbage truck that's been leaking papers for the last five miles down the road.

And I hate big, mean dogs. At times my job takes me into the working poor neighborhoods, and these people have Dobermans, pit bulls and Rottweillers up the wazoo. I hate it. I fear for myself, and I fear for the children who grow up in such an environment of terror. I fear for the whole damn human race, that the image of a child being mutilated by these hellish beings isn't enough to stop a potential owner from finding another security solution.

And so back to the story. On Wednesday, in London, a vandal did $900.000 damage to a teddy bear museum. Not your ordinary teddy bears, the collection included the boyhood companion of Elvis, and several extremely rare stuffed animals. They didn't have to look far for the perpetrator, a six year old Doberman named Barney, who, strangely, was left minding the store.

Now, the aptly named Barney, I would assume, is a pro. Isn't that what these owners will tell you, that the breed is not the problem with the proper training, nicht wahr? But apparently, one of these cuddle buckets looked at Barney the wrong way. Or maybe he had a toothache.

I guess the reason this story tickles me so is that I know that somewhere over in London there's a Doberman that's lost his job. Good.


At 12:23 PM, Blogger Bullock said...

Ah, Sequiot.Man's best friend and you don't want one. You wouldn't be a good PETA candidate either, I'm assuming.It really gets down to this; either you take the time to train an animal and know its tendencies or, you treat it like a human. The former is much preferable and makes pet ownership tolerable or, you are clueless and moreover, irresponsible.
I have many experiences that would have led me to never own a pet. A high school girlfriend has a black lab that would lay its muzzle on the dinner table and drool, expecting a handout. and, then growl if he didn't get one. The owners thought it was darling.Same dog used to bark at the walls,always thought it was a little touched in the head.My parents grew up on farms, where pets were tolerated if they did their jobs; cats kept the rodent population down, dogs warned of strangers approaching and flushed out 'coons, groundhogs and such.When we moved to the semi-rural 'burbs, they didn't want to get a dog because it would have to be fenced or tied up.Neither was an option because we couldn't afford a fence.(no fence-friends in those days)They believed a dog should have its freedom and not be a burden on their neighbors.
We have a dog,golden/lab mix, trained since puppyhood. Neutered early so no unwanted litters. Fenced and walled in by the back and side yards but also has the run of the house.She gets exercised regularly in the hills and greenbelt areas around MV and gives its owners an excuse to do the same. She trots off a leash, precisely by my right side.Is trained to not cross streets unless instructed, verbally or by hand signals.Will perform for food, whether it is broccoli or steak scraps.Wants attention but will go to her designated dog bed if I growl enough.Smartest animal I ever had. We have a desert tortise, too but reptiles are another story.Hibernates and eats, more of a novelty.

We often forget what 'domesticate' means. You gotta work at it. Doesn't work on me, though, gotta be free--


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