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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

My Man

 Bill or nomination


 Feingold's vote

Defense of Marriage Act

Sept. 10, 1996


War against Yugoslavia

March 23, 1999


John Ashcroft as Attorney General

Feb. 1, 2001


2001 tax cut

May 23, 2001


USA Patriot Act

Oct. 25, 2001


Iraq war resolution

Oct. 11, 2002


Unborn Victims of Violence Act

March 25, 2004


$87 billion for troops in Iraq

Oct. 17, 2003


Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State

Jan. 26, 2005


Alberto Gonzales as Attorney General

Feb. 3, 2005


Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold's record on some key votes:

Feingold voted against Clinton's war and against Bush's. He voted against Alberto Gonzales, but for John Ashcroft and Condy Rice. He was the lone nay vote in the Senate for the Patriot Act. Imagine that you were considering such an act yourself, opening yourself up to attack from every John Wayne wannabe nut job out in God's country. He voted against NAFTA, and is campaigning against CAFTA. This guy has guts, he's not fucking around, and he has my support.

He sits on the Judicial committee, and will get a lot of play in coming months, especially if an opening for the Supreme Court is coming up.

He is heading up a PAC called The Progressive Patriots Fund. He clearly wants to lead a campaign to energize progressives inside the Democratic party, to wrest leadership from the faux-liberal Clinton crowd and their enthusiastically co-opted Howard Dean. I suspect in my wildest dreams that he may be considering the possibility of creating a spin-off point from the Democratic party for progressives, a new progressive movement spawned of the upper Midwestern values of fairness, honesty and quiet achievement that returned him 20 points more than Kerry in this battleground state.

He has introduced a health care plan that he says will get the insured roll to 95% wile not adding a dollar to the deficit.

He will be assailed as being an elitist―he was a Rhodes Scholar and a graduate of Harvard Law School―yet he comes from a miniscule Jewish minority in blue collar Janesville, Wisconsin., a place not unlike Akron, Ohio; Decatur, Georgia; Worcester, Ma. and thousands of others where working people feverishly tread water in the wake of the "anti-elitist" bourgeoisie. He's not lost sight of those struggles.

He is likely the poorest Senator, yet he has returned all pay raises and voted for none.

The buzz is whether or not he intends to become a Presidential candidate. I'm not sure if I might rather see him remain my Senator. I think Edwards made a huge mistake by becoming Kerry's hand mate. Edwards should have stood up to his party and said no. So, I think, should Feingold, and I find it far more likely that he will.

The movement is the thing, the Presidency will take care of itself.


At 11:26 AM, Blogger Bullock said...

I, for one, would vote for a progressive,neo-populist candidate in an independent party. The time is ripe, probably overripe.Hook him up with Jerry Brown, now mayor of Oakland, and you have a pair of idealogically matched bookends with an intellect and idealism not readily matched in today's political scene.Maybe we could get McCain on board too, while we are at it.

One can only dream and wish for an age of reason.


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