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Monday, May 16, 2005

So, What's New?

Got a little writer's block, but don't worry, I will not be the latest of tens of millions who have moved on to the next big thing. I have been very busy selling "aluminum siding" and haven't spent much time poking around for subject matter.

I could easily go after David Brooks again, I wonder if he might have stumbled on Rush's pharmacist. Sunday he said the proof that Americans still believe in the old "only in America" bit is that white "working" men went for Bush by 23%. The median income bloc split 50/50, so apparently there's a hell of a lot of white women out there who are far from impressed at their husbands' ability to "Horatio Alger" themselves a piece of the American dream.

That's not new.

The last Raymond is on. Say goodbye to a half decent comedy about a bitchy wife who thinks sex is a cube of sugar to be used to help train her idiot spouse.

That's not new.

There's always the lunacy of the "political dialogue". Today Rummy takes the prize with, "...waging a war against extremism." This made a big impression on me, actually. If you take 10 seconds to think about that phrase it should become evident to you that such a war can never be won, indeed the very act of starting one is to be defeated. There's manure, there's just plain horse shit, and somewhere in between there's the military mind.

That's not new.

The Cubs keep on swingin' for the fences despite the fact the the wind doesn't come around to the southwest 'til about the Fourth of July around here.

That's not new.

The right is shocked,...shocked to discover that a non-commercial entity like NPR is less than enthusiastic about the free market agenda.

Though not new, this is interesting to me.

I'll get back.


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