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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Bizarro World

My letter to the Greenville Advocate was apparently published down there in Alabama on January 7th, though there is no online version and I was not given the customary heads up so I have no idea if it was run in total or edited in some fashion. I know that it was run because I received a copy of Mr. Mann’s column replying to it along a very nasty letter which I will not comment on as it is not certain that Mr. Mann is the author.

I’ve copied the letter to the editor of the Greenville Advocate and asked that they forward my response to Mr. Mann, perhaps he will verify authorship of this letter which is not up to the style of his column in either grammar or civility. Since there was no return address I can’t ask him directly.

I’ll surely let you know on this but for now a regular reader may notice a bit of deja vu creeping in. Mann was the fellow who wrote to The Milwaukee Journal of the degraded “Bolshevic” horde that is the Northern Liberal posse led by the ultimately corrupt elitist Russ Feingold on an assault on the moral fabric of Greenville, Alabama in His reply column to my original letter was quite a bit more civil and had some points I hadn’t considered, though the contrast with his writing for our audience demonstrates a typical duality of ethic so endemic to the right. Constant in Mann’s comments is the notion of the corrupted, union-bought left. Like a tired neo-con cliché, this banker is taking up the common man’s struggle against the elitists.

I would love to hear from one of Morgan Mann’s employees on the championing nature of their boss, but back to the point.

Along with the column ran a letter from Brookfield, WI (wealthy) chiming in on the “typical” of the “arrogant socialists” Russ Feingold. This was written by a Tom Bielinski. Mann? Bielinski? Corruption? By now this should be ringing a very large bell as I’ve previously written of our own Mann in Elkhorn, a Robert Mann, the subject of a huge investigation involving his alleged conspiracy with the ex-CEO of Bielinski Homes. Bielinski Homes is in Waukesha, right next to Brookfield.

I don’t suggest a real connection here, but it gets weirder. Perhaps these guys would have gotten away with it had Mann (ours) not decided to set up a political slush fund with some of his take. This fund was used to reimburse contributions to the campaigns of President Bush and others, including a Russ Darrow, who ran in the Republican primary for the opportunity to unseat, you guessed it, Russ Feingold.

Bizzaro World, referred to in an excellent Seinfeld edition, was a parallel world in Superman Comics where familiar things are somehow distorted or reversed.

One of us, Mr. Morgan Mann, has apparently crossed into it.


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