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Monday, March 27, 2006

You Oughta Know by Now

I've always had a hard time with people telling me what I have to do. Isn't this a core freedom, to decide for one's self just what it is one would like to spend time doing? Or creating? Or thinking about? This has no doubt affected my sociopolitical outlook. So I get a little edgy when I hear this kind of stuff, from the President's press conference of March 21st:

It's important for our citizens to understand that we have got to deal with this issue diplomatically now.

Never mind the irony in this statement about Iran if you can, because my point here is that I'm being told what is important and what is not. How many times have we seen The Lesser lean over the podium and get all folksy like and interject, "Ya see, whatcha gotta remember is ..." Who the hell do you think you are to tell me what I have to remember and what I don't?

And then I thought about that.

So I Googled "it's important for Americans to remember". I ignored non-political issues and non-quote hits and the first few pages began with these:

It's important for Americans to remember that as we debate an energy bill ... W.


It's important for Americans to remember that America imports more than 50 percent of its oil -- more than 10 million barrels a day ... W.

Okay, so this is an important guy and at the top of the list. What else am I supposed to be remembering? Veterans abound:

It's important for Americans to remember veterans because they've risked their lives so we can be free.


... veterans of Vietnam who say it's mportant for Americans to remember not just their own countrymen who died in the ten years of fighting, but the thousands and thousands of Vietnamese allies who also gave their lives.


Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn attended the event and says it's important for Americans to remember the sacrifice made by those who fought in World War II.

There is more of the same, and it becomes obvious that the most important thing that Americans are to remember is the glory that is war. But there are other subjects, as a conservative commenter pops up with:

People laugh when Bush says "You forgot Poland", but he's rather serious. In these times, it's important for Americans to remember who our true friends are, no matter how small.

Or how about this guy on Fox, an expert on profiling and security:

... it's important for Americans to remember that profiling is a fact of security but it's also a fact of life here in America.

Or this apologist for the drug czars:

A Vanderbilt University Medical Center associate dean says it's important for Americans to remember that all drugs have risks ... Rather than relying on regulators to perfectly identifying all risks accurately, doctors suggest Americans be more cautious with their pills.

Mind you, I am not cherry picking these. Do you sense a commonality here? If not, maybe these will help:

I was in Vilnius, Lithuania, for Bush's speech welcoming them into NATO a few weeks ago. It was about as big a pro-American outpouring that you'll see. It's important for Americans to remember that we have a lot of friends out here, but they're mostly the ones that were behind the Iron Curtain 15 years ago.

and this from a flag organization

I think it's important for Americans to remember how significant this tradition is.

And speaking of Fox, one can get so into such a rhetorical habit such that this astonishing bloviation is possible:

During this time of national crisis, it's important for Americans to remember that 24 debuts on the Fox Network November 6.


Of course, it's not all one sided:

It's important for Americans to remember that two of our key framers - Thomas Jefferson and James Madison - opposed government issuing religious proclamations.

Those darn Americans United for Separation of Church and State and their paganistic floundering from the one true American Christian American power and the glory, praise God and pass the ammunition. Where do they get off telling us what is important?

But then, to remember what we, as Americans, should remember, we need to know what we, as Americans, should know in the first place. Whom do we find here to help us out? You betcha:

It's important for Americans to know, with that kind of strong, independent review process, most disagreements will not wind up in court. The law should allow the review process to work, not short-circuit it by inviting unnecessary lawsuits.


Yet, it's important for Americans to know this war will not be quick and this war will not be easy.


It's important for Americans to know that the trafficking of drugs finances the world of terror, sustaining terrorists.


But I also think it's important for Americans to know about either the private foundations or individuals or their churches, synagogues or mosques that are also working in Africa, to know the whole contribution of what the American people do.

Oh, wait. Mr. Bush wasn't the only source that popped up in the first few Google pages, that last one was Laura Bush. There must be others, right? Okay, let's try "What you have to remember". And the first political quote we find is ... Oh, my God!

MR. FLEISCHER: What you have to remember is President Bush, through his action in August 2001, created the guidelines for the first federal effort to fund stem cell research, to actually provide dollars for the purpose of stem cell research, where it was previously prohibited by the federal government.

Thus it becomes fairly obvious who is spending the most time telling me what I should know, and what I should be remembering. It's no wonder I can rarely take the conservative side, for they insult my intellect. I will make up my own mind in due course, thank you. I will decide what is important to me. Or should I say for me?

Because none of the above actually say what is important to me, do they? Such things are important for me to know, but that importance is to them.


At 6:28 PM, Blogger Bullock said...

"They" are looking out for YOU.Because YOU are important.Mr. Rogers told me so.

Very subliminal, internet searches.And neocon speeches.Just another form of spin. Tell it enough times without opposing views and the unaware brain will begin to believe it.But,as you said,the Lessir will lean over and explain it again if you miss his message the first time.Good thing I don't have rocks or other hard objects on the floor in my TV room or I would have a dead TV by now, listening to our commander in chief.

Deep breaths.Don't get edgy,sequiot, bad for the constitution.I'm breathing easier now. Son is done with his tour of duty in the middle east and I'm nicotine-free 27 days.

At 9:06 PM, Blogger sequoit said...

Excellent on both counts. The little Hun and I both quit over two years ago, on the same day.

Looks like we're laying pretty low over there, much relief to hear the news of the dear one's reposting.

I'd get nervous if I realized I wasn't edgy any more.


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