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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Rebel Music

This post begins a new phase of this effort, as I've gone and made a likely shaky resolution to be more Not like, "I cleaned the trunk of the car today and then I made stir-fry" about me, but an attempt to be a bit more observational of things more proximate than the President and stuff.

For instance, unless I've made a formatting foray by the time you read this, or if you are reading this at, above you can see Wednesday, January 04, 2006 (assuming I finish by midnight). It occurred to me some time ago that if you're reading the Front Page version I compose these little ditties on you're probably at least months from now. Oh sure, for me it's the day before garbage day (though despite my knowing this, I will unfailingly be reminded of it by both my "roommates"), but what's that to you?

As I said, if you've stumbled upon this page in 2009 or so, it's not going to matter if today was my day to call unemployment or not. I've realized this for some time, and it's a kind of thing that bugs me. I've been meaning to take the day out of the dateline. For a while now. I've probably entered...oh...twenty or thirty or fifty or so days since I decided to remove them.

Well now, I lied on top there because I am going to report here that I did cook a stir-fry, but somehow I never got to the trunk thing. Nor have I cleaned my golf clubs and bag that in November I left in the way so I would be sure to do so. I took them out of the trunk in November because I had to haul two bags of stuff the little Hun yanked off some plants in October. I had to dump the two bags in a dumpster behind a travel agency (how much room could they need?) in January when I went to go to the Home Depot to get six bags of salt for the water softener (which didn't look too good down there). Always something, ain't it?

It's quite possible that I'm a procrastinator, but let's not rush to any conclusions!

Surprisingly enough, I have some bills that really have to get out, so I better get right to it. But first, let me tell you all about New Year's Eve. We spent it with some very old friends and, despite our being so very old, managed quite the time. We had dinner at Chautara restaurant in Madison, which serves food from the Himalayan region. Our compadres were friends with the owner Rajan, and we quickly became so as well. Rajan was born in Nepal, but grew up on State Street, as his father was a professor of linguistics at UW. The food was fantastic, mine a loin of lamb. At ten or so we walked up to the Capitol to watch fireworks, and then back to the restaurant for a little after hours celebrating with our new friends at Chautara, which kinda means "resting place".

Then off to a club I don't remember the name of for Supa Ranks & His Rock Stone High Power (mysteriously, that I remember). Dat be da reggae, mon. Me jamma til tree, mebbe four.

21 day to de Island. Irie.


At 11:29 PM, Blogger Bullock said...

Quite possible the procrastinator? Ya think?
What shape was the stuff off the plants back in Oct.? Not good, I guess, if they had to go to a dumpster. (I don't like stems and seeds, either.)Gimmee the prime biomass, mon.
Nice way to start the year. Mine was distracting; my darlinko sick wth flu for 2 weeks, daughter got in a sideswipe car accident 400 miles from home (not hurt, thanks) and senior airman son called on Xmas day to tell us he has new orders; will be in Iraq soon; somewhere, can't tell us, for 90 days, doing his mission with Air Force intel.

Often, ordinary everyday life is the reality show.


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